DDH Talent has over 30 years’ experience as a career guide and in an advisory and consultative capacity with both teams and individuals.

Balanced Life Coaching

When you are not spending enough energy or time on the things and people that are important to you then you are likely to feel “off-balance”. Sometimes we just don’t know why we feel un-settled.

It happens to us all. Sometimes it can feel impossible to have a balanced life with so many competing priorities. Often you simply don’t know where your priorities lie. At various stages of our life different things become important to us and we might not know how to shift the balance in favour of the new priorities.

Balanced Life coaching will help you identify exactly what is important to you and why and then help you focus on how to achieve the right balance for you at this stage of your life. It will also help set you up to cope with change and challenges as they arise so you can continue to re-assess your priorities and shift them accordingly.

  • Seeking the elusive ‘happiness’ – what does it mean?
  • Attaining a more balanced life and managing change effectively
  • Are you un-successfully juggling two or more of the following? Career and professional life / home and family / friends and social life / sports, hobbies and interests / taking sufficient and refreshing breaks and holidays?

Transition & Change Coaching

We all experience significant change, transition and challenges at times throughout our lives, both in and out of work. Whilst most of us just ‘get on with it’, we sometimes we need support to help us look at things differently and to gain a new perspective on how to deal with change and transition more positively.

  • How to manage change more effectively and productively
  • Helping make change a positive experience
  • Change in personal and or professional circumstances
  • Dealing with difficult and challenging issues

Professional & Career Coaching

  • Preparing for a promotion
  • Planning a change of company or location
  • Intending to instigate a new career direction
  • Dealing with issues and challenges at work; role, manager, colleagues
  • Identify the skills you have that will help you gain promotion, in your career change
  • Handling the pressure of redundancy

Personal & Life Coaching

  • Change in personal circumstances and or relationships
  • Social, family, friends
  • Seeking the ‘elusive happiness’
  • Taken on too much, overloaded
  • Have you experience a recent change in personal circumstances and or relationships

Coaching can help you restore balance or help you create and drive change in one or more area of your life. We work with you to identify exactly what is important to you and why and then help you focus on how to achieve what you need.

We can concentrate your coaching on a specific area of current importance and focus – Professional & Career, Transition & Change, Personal & Life – or we can provide you with Balanced Life Coaching, looking at all of these aspects and helping you work towards achieving the right balance for you.

We provide coaching for both individuals and for companies requiring coaching for either individual employees or teams within their organisation.